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CardioCare CPR Training

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Online CPR Test & Training from Melbourne

Select a date and time below in our Calendly scheduling tool to set up your video call CPR skills test-out for your blended CPR course. Scroll down for tips for making your video CPR skills test-out call the best that it can be.

Tips for Optimizing your Online call CPR Test & Training from our Melbourne CPR Company

  1. If you have never used Zoom before (we’re all learning new things this year) please try it out once you receive the meeting link in your email. That way you’re not waiting for downloads and installation at the time your video call is supposed to begin.
  2. Make sure you know how to turn on your microphone.
  3. Make sure you know how to turn on your camera.
  4. As much as it is possible, find a quiet, well-lit place to be while on the video call. Loud noises (dogs barking, kids, etc.) hurt our ears, too.
  5. Relax – you’ve already passed your exam. We will not be trying to trick you! The purpose of the video call is to talk through life-saving scenarios together and allow you to ask questions with a live instructor, and demonstrate your know-how and your CPR skills.
  6. Show up! Don’t waste our time or take opportunities away from other people by scheduling a video call / CPR skills test-out with us and not showing up to it. We understand that emergencies happen and that you can’t control everything. If you can’t make it – reschedule. No shows are “no bueno.”
  7. Be on time! Our company in Melbourne offers online CPR tests everyday and so we need to start on time so we can end on time. If you are late, it may cause stress for both of us.
  8. Just be yourself. We’re people, too, and we like to smile and be friendly. If you have a good recipe to share, or a good knock-knock joke, we’re all ears. Our Melbourne company also offers other first aid certifications if you are interested!